Wasserstrahlschneidemaschine finanzieren

In addition to traditional financing through your bank, we offer a number of alternative financing options.


The most interesting method from a taxation point of view is leasing. Maximator JET has a long-term partner in this sector – Evolease GmbH. We can make you an offer (no obligation) at any time.

Example of leasing an HS 3020 PREMIUM:

  • 60-month duration
  • Down payment of 0 %
  • Final payment of 0 %
  • Monthly instalment of approx. € 2,850

Other possible options: partial or full amortisation, different durations and special payments.

Interested? Then talk to us!


Hire purchase

Hire purchase permits a fast and no-risk introduction to the waterjet technology. If the order situation or the need for cutting power changes, the machine can be returned one month's notice.

Example of hire purchase with an HS 3020 PREMIUM:

  • 60-month duration
  • Down payment of € 19,800 (includes delivery, installation, commissioning, and the first 3 months rental payments)
  • Monthly instalment from the fourth month of approx. € 3,000

The machine can be paid for completely at any time at a favourable price.


Partial payment and payment by instalments

You pay an initial deposit once you have ordered a product. Together with you, we decide on the size, number, and frequency of the instalments.

Direct purchase

Of course, if you buy a complete unit (or individual modules of our system) with a one-off payment you will be given preferred terms.

Interested? Then contact our sales manager directly. If you want to arrange an individual deal, call Mr. Anders on +49(0)9721 946994-20 or send an e-mail to him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.