Schneidverfahren im Vergleich

Comparison of cutting processes

  Water Laser Plasma Burning

Material distortion

no yes yes yes


no yes yes yes

Burr formation

very low low yes yes

Rework necessary

very low yes yes yes

Material loss

very low low high very high


0.02 – 0.1 mm 0.01 – 0.1 mm 0.2 – 0.5 mm 1 – 2 mm

Material thicknesses

up to 300 mm up to 30 mm up to 150 mm up to 300 mm

Variety of materials

very high low low low

Composite materials

yes no no no

Multi-layer cutting

yes no no no

Multi-head cutting

yes no yes yes

Hazardous or worrying vapours or gases

no yes yes yes

Jet diameter / cutting gap

0.3 – 1.0 mm approx. 0.2 mm 1.2 mm HiFocus
approx. 3 mm Standard
approx. 5 mm

Smallest hole diameter

less than 1/5 of the thickness up to 1/2 of the thickness 0.8 till 1.5 x
of the thickness
approx. 2 x
of the thickness

Smallest land width

less than 1/20 of the thickness up to 1/5 of the thickness approx. 3 mm approx. 8 mm