Waterjet Cutting guarantees economical production with maximum precision and minimum tolerances!

Waterjet cutting is currently the fastest-growing tool technology worldwide. There are good reasons for this.

This separation process is an extremely economical alternative to milling and electrical discharge machining. The method permits the material and time-saving nesting of a number of operations, combined with an improved cutting performance. Even very complex shapes can be made with absolute precision and cleanly cut edges, without the material or surfaces becoming deformed. Regardless of whether on-off or series production is concerned, this cold-cutting process guarantees economical production with maximum precision and minimum tolerances.

Advantage Waterjet Cutting!

The main advantage over other separation methods is the cold-cutting technology involved. This has proved itself, especially in those applications where – for mechanical or physical reasons – metal-cutting and thermal production technologies have had little success. This is particularly true with titanium, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, composite materials, glass and stone.

This cold-cutting process is ideal in the increasingly important manufacture of miniaturised components, thanks to the fine or micro waterjet technology now available. The need for delicate, highly functional workpieces of a variety of materials can be met by a positioning accuracy of 0.0025 mm, right down to the tolerance range of +/-0.01 mm.


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