EcoCut - The entry-level model


PremiumCut - the all-round, no-worry solution


PremiumCut - universelles Wasserstrahlschneidsystem

The tried and tested PremiumCut 2D systems in conjunction with the 3D cutting heads VersaCut 8 or STM3D provide a universal waterjet cutting system for bevel cutting angles of up to 68°.

High-precision cutting system for all cutting applications in the waterjet range from 2D to 3D.

MicroCut - Kompakt-Wasserstrahlschneidsystem

The closed MicroCut compact waterjet cutting system is suitable for cutting with fine and micro waterjets. It is thus ideal for producing very small components where there is limited space.

KombiCut 2D+3D - Bewährtes kombinieren

For very specific requirements, the tried and tested STM PremiumCut 2D systems can also be combined with a RobotCut 3D cutting system.

RobotCut - Ultimativ flexibel

3D RobotCut waterjet cutting systems are universal systems for cutting with pure water and with abrasive water.