PremiumCut - universelles Wasserstrahlschneidsystem

PremiumCut 3D with VersaCut 8 or STM3D

The tried and tested PremiumCut 2D systems in conjunction with the 3D cutting heads VersaCut 8 or STM3D provide a universal waterjet cutting system for bevel cutting angles of up to 68°. The 5-axis kinematics also allows bevel cuts and thus increased precision at the cut edge.

stm3d versacut


Technical data:

Working surfaces: from 1000 x 2000 up to 3500 x 6000 mm
Overall dimensions (W x L) in each case: Axis length + approx. 1100 x 1350 mm
Height (with high pressure pipework): approx. 2.500 mm
Angle of inclination, A/B axis: up to ± 68°
Traverse speed: 30 m/min
Positioning accuracy: ± 0,025 mm
Repeatability: ± 0,025 mm


Scope of supply:

  • Welded, rust-proof machine frame made of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Covered and encapsulated linear guides
  • Water tank with grid layer and H-carriers
  • NUM AXIUM POWER servo controls
  • NUM MDLU 3 drive system
  • Brushless digital servo motors
  • CAD/CAM software with NEST real form box
  • Manual control unit
  • Autonomous Z-axis with height scanning and collision protection features
  • Laser for position determination
  • High-pressure valve with abrasive cutting set, inc. 20 water nozzles and five mixing tubes
  • Abrasive NC-controlled metering device with sensor for shock protection
  • Storage tank for 250 kg abrasive
  • Abrasive pressure conveying system
  • Safety system with photoelectric barrier
  • Tool set, inc. all special tools for high-pressure pump and cutting valve
  • Spare parts set for high-pressure pump and cutting valve
  • One tonne of abrasive
  • Training of the operating staff
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Complete high pressure pipework between cutting table and pump
  • ECOTRON 38.37 high pressure pump
  • + Module CAM5X: 5-axis machining in 2.5D, 5-axis angular error compensation


Working surfaces:

X-axis (length):
Range of 1,000 mm to 12,000 mm in steps of 500 mm

Y-axis (bridge):
Range of 1,000 mm to 3,000 mm in steps of 500 mm

350 mm


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